2014 Polar Plunge

Steve Whitcomb and his daughter Katie were partners in business. He a plumber and she his Apprentice. For eight and a half years they traveled the southern New Hampshire region fixing problems and setting up additions properly. That is how my wife and I knew them. They had been here numerous times and set up the plumbing for my father’s apartment. They were a very kind and easy going pair.

Steve is also a volunteer fireman in his home town of Brookline, NH and Katie would run fundraisers for the unit and bring food to feed the men and women when a fire was being fought in town. She was her dad’s partner there as well.

Katie went out on Christmas Eve to get some last minute things. As she headed home, she stopped to take a left hand turn at a stop light. Her SUV was struck from behind and pushed into the line of oncoming traffic and struck head on. The first emergency responder was Steve Whitcomb, her dad. He was at first unaware that he was pulling his dying daughter from her car.

Katie Hamilton leaves her husband Liam and three small daughters, Madalyn, Lillian and Caleigh. She also leaves a tight and loving community in her hometown of Brookline, NH where everyone knew and loved her as well as many customers turned friends, like Lisa and me. She was thirty years old.

She was not only a loving wife and mom, but she was also an important financial contributor to her family. On February 15th my family will take our Sixth Annual Mark Frattaroli Memorial Polar Plunge to benefit the Hamilton Family Fund this year: All proceeds  will go to Liam and the three girls with their monthly bills going forward.


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