About Our Plunge



The idea for the Polar Plunge came under an unfortunate circumstance  in 2008.  On September 29th, 2008, my son’s football team played a rival from across town in Groton, MA.  That evening one of the members of the opposing team, sixteen year old Mark Frattaroli, was killed when the car he was a passenger in crashed into a tree.  At that time, my family thought the right thing to do, was to put a fundraiser together, in the way of a Polar Plunge (including myself and my nine year old daughter Madie), to raise money for a Scholarship in Mark’s name at the school he was attending, Lawrence Academy.  Many parents and coaches at my son’s school pledged and we raised 1,300.00 for the Mark F. Frattaroli Scholarship Fund at Lawrence Academy and presented it to Mark’s dad and brother, as well as the Lawrence Academy Parents Association. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9m_SMP_pyE (Preview) (Preview) )

At that point we decided to name all future plunges, The Mark Frattaroli Memorial Polar Plunge to benefit what we think to be a deserving cause at the time.  Mark’s mom, Anna, father Filippo, brother Philip, sisters Daniella and Jessica are so appreciative to have their baby brother remembered each year to keep his Memory alive. Anna sends us Christmas Tree Ornaments each year to represent that year’s Plunge and their family and friends from all over donate graciously each year to our cause. The dips into the ocean have raised over 50,000.00 to these causes.

Our second year we did it for “Hope for Haiti” after their horrific Tsunami and the last three have been for our friend, Cooper Doucette, paralyzed while playing football for Nashua North in 2010.   In 2010 my youngest son Miles joined us, my wife Lisa In 2012 and three of the four last years my oldest son and his fiance made it and nieces and friends along the way have made it loads of fun.



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